POSTED BY The Editor | Jul, 06, 2023 |


Thank you all for your support to our successful MSBCA High Tea on Sunday June 26, 2023.  It was an amazing moment to have a sold-out event with members, friends and newcomers enjoying our High Tea at the clubhouse and all extra food was sold.

The High Tea menu was 4 savouries of fried seasoned turmeric tofu stuffed with shredded cucumber, carrot and sprout served with peanut sauce,  chicken satay, nasi lemak with ikan bilis sambal and egg, and chicken curry puff.   Including 11 kind of desserts were homemade specialities from Asia and South East Asia namely;  kuih ubi, kuih lapis, kuih dadah, seri muka, kuih talam, kuih angku, egg tart, ondeh ondeh, kuih sesame, kuih sago plus kabocha squash and tapioca pearl tong sui.  Lastly, the lovely spiced teh tarik (pulled teh).

A big applause to the many cooks, their contribution of ingredients and many came to help during the event; Rosalind, Adrine, Jill, Sally, Cecilia, Ee Pin, Adeline, Lily, Linda, Ying Chiu, Ying Chia, Irene, Connie, Pam, Wei Wei, Eric, Vernon, and Theresa.  Also thanks to our Teh Tarik baristas; Francis and Darum.

Our wonderful support group of volunteers from the set-up, serving to pick up the food, delivery and many more tasks; Jonathan, John, Elaine, Trisha, Clara, Angeline, and James. 

Every volunteer made this High Tea event and every event of MSBCA a success.  THANK YOU!