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Howdy Pardner! Calgary Stampede is here and the city will be transformed into another dimension of a western cowboy town for 10 days from 05 July 2024. Resistance is futile to the spectacular stampede parade and hope you also mosey over to hit the stampede grounds. Ah… the stampede breakfast is another exciting feature all over the city for the frenzy breakfast hunters!

We are very grateful to Rosalind Lee and her team who stepped up on short notice to do the Sunday Lunch on 28 April 2024. We had 80 orders, including take-out, for a set lunch of fried chicken and nasi kerabu with mango sago “tong sui”. It was so delectable, which was a common review from the patrons. The Sunday Lunch had such an immense impression on the patrons that they asked me when is the next one! Well, it is very difficult to disappoint you so, the next Sunday Lunch will be on 21 July 2024. The menu will be Ah-Hock’ CKT (char-kue-tiau) and Melissa’s Nasi Lemak. Save the date and please register for this as soon as you can on FCFS basis (first-come first-served).

On 18 May 2024, MSBCA participated in the Asian Heritage Month celebration at the Chinese Cultural Center. We showcased our culture with traditional desserts (kue-kue). Thank you to all the volunteers who contributed so much to help us shine at the event.

It was a beautiful Saturday morning on 29 June 2024 when we went biking from Canmore to Banff. We were not shy to enjoy the day like a tourist, taking pictures along the way, and enjoying the scenery and crisp mountain air. As a bonus, we got a surprise visit from a local who was unfazed by coming so close to us, it was a whitetail deer!

The singing group is now called the MSBCA SingKlub. Casey Chan jazzed up the regular program into nothing short of spectacular on 30 June 2024!  It is a very happening group to watch and participate in.

The MSBCA Pickleball group is active and thriving. Thanks to Micheal Lo who is the lead for this pickleball group.

Another new group has emerged, it is the MSBCA Starlights Dance Group. They have been practicing persistently, with the aim to shine on the stage on our behalf. They will debut their performance at the Pan-Asian Festival at the North Glenmore Park on 10 & 11 August 2024. Please come and support them!

That is not all, there will be other activities and programs that help us to connect and move as a community.

Until next time, stay active, stay happy, stay healthy and please take care of each other.

Peter Chai