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Welcome to the Malaysian Singaporean Bruneian Community Association (MSBCA) of Calgary, Alberta, Canada!

Established in 1989, MSBCA is an inclusive non-profit organization dedicated to fostering kinship amongst residents with heritage from Malaysia, Singapore, and Brunei. But that's not all – we're thrilled to extend a hearty welcome to all Calgarians who share an interest in our vibrant Southeast Asian cultures.

Meet Our Board Of Directors

Board Members for 2023-2024

President: Peter Chai
VP Malaysia: Paul Tan
VP Singapore: Vacant
VP Brunei: Ken Lee
Secretary: Jesse Cheah
Treasurer: Vacant
Committee Member:


Other contacts
Membership: Emily Teoh
Events & Rentals: Theresa Khoo
Facility Coordinator: James Lee
Tracey White

Left to Right: Paul Tan (VP Malaysia), Peter Chai (President), Ken Lee (VP Brunei), Jesse Cheah (Secretary)

Peter Chai | President

Paul Tan | VP Malaysia

Ken Lee | VP Brunei

Jesse Cheah | Secretary

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