Who is MSBCA?

The Malaysian Singaporean and Bruneian Community Association (MSBCA) is a non-profit organization formed in 1989 to foster kinsmenship amongst residents primarily in Calgary with heritage from Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei.

We also welcome Calgarians at large who would like to join us for the various social activities. See our Events page.

  • To promote and afford opportunity for social and recreational activities among members
  • To assist in the settlement of new residents from the home countries (Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei)
  • To promote through cultural events understanding between our communities and the community at large
  • To provide a resource centre for use by our members and any interested parties

MSBCA always welcomes new members! By joining and becoming part of our society, you get to meet Canadians, expats and friends of the Malaysian, Singaporean and Bruneian community who celebrate our unique Southeast Asian cultures and heritage.

MSBCA is a non-profit organization (NPO) as meets the criteria as a charitable, ethno-cultural group under the Alberta Gaming and Licensing Commission (AGLC). We consisted of a broad-based group of volunteers from around Calgary who choose a 100% democratically elected Board of Directors.

We strive towards the goals of transparency, openness and accountability towards our members in order to deliver successful ethno-cultural programs that promote and enhance Malaysian, Singaporean and Bruneian cultures and heritage. These programs are for the enjoyment of members and the public.

“Established in 1989, MSBCA offers many popular events and activities throughout the year. We are pleased to offer many classes such as dance, choir and entertainment activities featuring Malaysian, Singaporean and Bruneian cultural influences and from around the Southeast Asian region. Made possible through AGLC-approved activities, charitable programming such as these and other contributions towards the community-at-large:

  • Guest instructors for lingual, traditional arts and crafts, cooking, music, history and other ethno-cultural lessons
  • Donations to other charitable groups and other ethno-cultural groups such as Inn from the Cold, Mustard Seed, Canadian Red Cross, YWCA
  • Scholarship funds

We have a clubhouse located in the heart of Chinatown. A lot of our activities are held at the clubhouse.

Meet our Team

Board Members for 2020-2021

President: Giva Balasingam
VP Malaysia: Adrine Chong
VP Singapore: Charanjeet Kaur
VP Brunei: Joyce Yit
Secretary: Agnes Hobmaier (Goh)
Treasurer: Blair Phillips
Committee Member: Yenson Ong


Other contacts
Membership: Emily Teoh
Events: Joyce Yit
Tracey White

Giva T. Balasingam | Acting President

I am from Singapore, an Island, City and Country (three in one). I love to travel on hiking expedition and have been to some exotic places. Looking forward to doing more such hiking trips.

I joined MSBCA in 2014 and volunteered in the cultural activities. I served on the committee from 2015 to 2016 as a general committee member, and then VP Singapore and Acting President in 2019. As a volunteer, I have participated in various cultural activities and led events such as Chinese New Year. I enjoy participating in MSBCA activities.

What makes MSBCA an association unique is its’ strong culture of diversity, where diversity is celebrated, and commonalities are explored. My goal is to showcase MSBCA unique features. Secondly, to make aware of the various multi-cultural activities hosted by MSBCA. Thirdly, collaboration with other like-minded community partners to grow MSBCA popularity.

Adrine Chong | VP Malaysia

I was born in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. I have been in Calgary since 1981 and I have been a MSBCA member since 2007. My husband, John and I have two children, Jessica, and Winston.

I like to travel, shop, dance, try different food, and watch Chinese or Korean dramas. I have been one of the MSBCA cultural dance coordinators for the past few years. I have a wonderful team of dancers who is hard working and dedicated and I love teaching them.

I envision MSBCA to have an increased number of members who would be involved in our clubhouse activities, who will create new activities or crafts that are closely related to our native home.

Charanjeet Kaur | VP Singapore

I joined MSBCA in 2016 as a Diwali volunteer. In 2017, I became a general committee member and was later selected as VP Singapore. Joining this club made me cohesive, which gradually happened without realizing that I could do things beyond my expectations. I never dreamt of holding such responsibilities which have given me opportunities to head cultural events, join dance classes, lead the Masala Spice cooking class, become the games-master MC at the 2018 Chinese New Year banquet.

I am thankful to the club for believing in me and for giving me pride in accomplishing these responsibilities at my best. My contributions will not be successful without the support from fellow volunteers and board members. I am proud to be a vice president for Singapore.

Joyce Yit | VP Brunei

Origin: Born in Singapore with Bruneian heritage

History: A member of MSBCA since 2007.  Was a past general committee member, treasurer and VP for Singapore

Profession: Financial Hospitality, HR and Payroll

Hobbies: Food, Spa, Travelling

Hi everyone, it is my honor and privilege to serve MSBCA again.  Thank you for your support and commitment.

Together with the Board, I will do my best to promote MSBCA heritage and culture, ensuring that it will be a safe and happy environment for all to enjoy.

Agnes Hobmaier-Goh | Secretary

It is an honor and a privilege to be a part of the 2018-2020 board of directors and to be able to serve the MSBCA community.

I left Singapore in 1985 and went to school in Dallas, Texas where I met my Canadian husband of 31 years. We are blessed with 4 beautiful children but only one child left at home – almost empty nest!

I have two decades of combined experiences in administrative duties and event planning, and in running my own small business providing administrative support, home staging, residential and home office and small office organizing to entrepreneurs. I am always eager to put my gifts and talents to work through acts of service, assisting non-profit organizations whenever I can.

My desire is to see new initiatives being developed and turned into projects that promote MSBCA membership growth, foster connection, closeness, and trust among members, encourage belonging, support social-cultural and community ties.

Blair Phillips | Treasurer

Born and raised in Calgary. I was introduced to the Malaysian culture during a job assignment in Kuala Lumpur in 2013 where I met my spouse. I have been employed as an accountant for 10 years where I have been a member of the Association of Charted Certified Professional Accountants (UK) and the Chartered Professional Accountants, Alberta.

I would like to give back to MSBCA which has provided so much support to my family over the past few years. I would also like to see the MSBCA community continue to strengthen our ties with the rest of Calgary as well as support upcoming young members.

Yenson Ong | Committee Member

I am a sport enthusiast. I enjoy spending my free time playing badminton, swimming, biking, and running. I have completed 2 ironman and several marathons over the last 7 years.

I volunteer to share my experience, to achieve personal goals, to provide sports’ tips and techniques to kids and family, most importantly to connect with fellow members and non-members. I like to promote badminton, a common sport in Malaysia and Singapore, and to the larger community in Calgary.

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Family Membership $25/year
Individual Membership $15/year
Lifetime Membership $250

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