POSTED BY The Editor | Apr, 11, 2024 |


EID MUBARAK! Wishing you and family a joyous celebration and prosperous days ahead! The first day of Syawal for Malaysia and Singapore falls on 10-April-2024 and for Brunei will be on 11-April-2024. I have fond memories of visiting friends in this joyous occasion. Many years ago during pre-Covid time, we had a Hari Raya celebration in MSBCA. Well, stay tuned as we will celebrate again sharing food together in this festive season. Make sure you dress up for the occasion, if possible!

Do you miss Winter? Well, it’s Spring season now and we are moving on with our programs. If you have cravings for our popular Ah Hock CKT (char-kway-teow), we know how to fix it. Come on Sunday 28-April-2024 for Sunday Lunch at the clubhouse. See poster for details.

For connection and movement, we have a string of activities for you to engage and enjoy. Please don’t be shy, we have regular activities of Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Singing group, Joy of Dancing, Mahjong and Table Tennis. Pickleball kicked off on 09-April-2024 at the Acadia Recreation Complex and a pickleball meeting with the group on Saturday 13-April-2024. Not scheduled yet but in the pipeline, we have biking on the Legacy Trail (Canmore-Banff) which has breath taking views and crisp mountain air, cooking and serving lunch at Mustard Seed to help other communities, Baba Nyonya Nite etc. There are more activites/events but I will reserve that for later.

Stay active, stay happy, stay healthy and please take care of each other.

Until next time, cheers
Peter Chai