POSTED BY The Editor | Jan, 06, 2024 |


Greetings everyone! It was quite a spectacular attendance at the AGM not seen in recent times. A clear evidence that the membership base CARES about our club.

I am honoured and privileged to be your president for the new term.  I would like to thank Agnes Hobmaier our past president for her leadership and dedication for the club. I would also like to thank the collective past board of directors for their hardwork and persistence to keep MSBCA humming. A big gratitude goes to Tracey White for editor and webmaster and Emily Teoh for membership. They are like our OS to keep the organization ticking.

The new board of directors is excited to keep MSBCA operating and fill it with life and passion. We will start with a smaller group and add more members as required. The bad news is this is not your club. It is neither my club. The good news is it is OUR CLUB. One which we can cherish regardless of young or experienced, we are ONE. So come out and meet someone, enjoy the company and connection.

Until next time, take care.

Peter Chai