POSTED BY The Editor | Sep, 27, 2023 |

‼️ Important Notice: MSBCA FACES CLOSURE ‼️

Dear MSBCA Members,
For 34 years, MSBCA has been more than just a club; it’s been the heart of our community ❤️. Today, we face an unprecedented challenge 🚫. Key board positions remain vacant. Please talk to fellow members who may be interested 👥—now is the time to step up!
⏳ The Stakes Are High ⏳
Without immediate action, MSBCA will be forced to close its doors 🚪 following the Annual General Meeting on October 1, 2023 🗓️.
🌟 Why Your Involvement Matters 🌟
Ask yourself what MSBCA means to you and our community 👪. Is it worth saving? If the answer is ‘yes,’ action is needed now 🕒.
🎯 Action Steps 🎯:
  1. 1.📝 Apply for a Board Position 📝: Visit MSBCA’s website for job descriptions and submit your application by September 28, 2023, 7:00 pm ⏰.
  2. 📣 Spread the Word 📣: Use your networks to amplify this urgent message 🔊.
  3. ❓ Ask Questions ❓: If you’re uncertain about the roles, we’re here to clarify 📞 403-910-9385.
🤝 This is a collective issue requiring a collective solution. Let’s secure MSBCA’s future together 🤝.
🔗 For more information 📧: or
Board Roles and Job Descriptions
⚠️ Your prompt attention is vital ⚠️. Feel free to comment below 👇, share this message 🔁, or ask questions ❓. Together, we can ensure MSBCA’s longevity 🌱.
Agnes Goh (Hobmaier)
President of MSBCA 👩‍💼