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A classic braised pork belly dish, a lip-smackingly hot-and-sour fish stew and a mustard green duck stew make up this trio of warming south-east Asian dishes

Malaysia isn’t known for its cold weather, but, when the rainy season arrives in November and December, the temperature does tend to drop – to 25C. During the colder months in Britain, meanwhile, I eat lots of peppery broths spiked with chilli and ginger, and often serve them with “cooling” vegetables to balance the heat, as well as hot-and-sour curries and slow-braised meats. These are dishes to warm the soul and keep you going until the sun returns.
  • Babi chin, or braised dark soy pork belly
  • Ikan assam pedas, or hot-and-sour fish stew
  • Chai buey, or mustard green stew

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