POSTED BY The Editor | Oct, 03, 2022 |

The past three years of the Covid-19 pandemic changed many people’s lives. For many, the pandemic altered people’s behaviours, their feelings of safety, their relationships with others, and their general outlook on life. For many, a new outlook on life meant fewer social interactions outside the home.

As board members, we recognize the hardships that many have gone through, and may still be going through as one challenge leads to another. The process of rebuilding one’s life can be a perilous journey. Yet one also full of rewards and pleasant surprises.

So, we want to say that MSBCA is here. İt continues to be what it was created for by Malaysian, Singaporean, and Bruneian immigrants: a home outside of home.

The Board started the 2021/2022 year with a shared purpose: to reopen MSBCA, its clubhouse and its activities.

We deeply thank every volunteer for their dedication and service. Thank you for giving your time and a place in your lives so that MSBCA may be a home outside of home!