POSTED BY The Editor | May, 31, 2022 |

Kids will be out of school soon… perfect time to get organized so you can spend more time with them!

Here is one of life’s paradoxes… have you noticed that those people who are the most productive and seem to be able to schedule spare time at short notice, are almost always the tidiest?

It may not be that much of a big deal if there’s a small amount of clutter around you, occasionally. However, clutter is a symptom of being unorganized. Being unorganized is a habit. So is rationalizing or making excuses about being too busy.

If you are in the other camp, you may seem never to have the time to pick up after yourself (and badly trained others). By the time you attempt to have a clean-up, the sight of your clutter exhausts you even more.

There is no doubt that clutter can easily accumulate over time and can be super stressful to look at. Piles of different things and countless to-do lists are a real drag on the psyche. This can affect not just your day-to-day schedule, but all aspects of your life, both work and play.

To relieve yourself from the stress of being disordered, there is a simple solution. Be organized. However, like most things in life, simple does not mean easy. You need to put in the extra effort of getting organized and staying organized, which can eventually reduce stress levels and will make you feel more accomplished and in control.

Living in a cluttered environment and being unorganized is circular – each feed off the other. You can improve both aspects, but you must break the cycle by forming better habits. Getting rid of all areas of clutter can help you make healthier decisions in life and make your relationships easier and more rewarding.

So, get started today!