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MSBCA Funding Guide for Members

Dear members of MSBCA,

On behalf of the Board, I am excited to announce the release of our new Funding Guide for Members 2017. We feel that this guide will help all members understand the benefits of membership, understand the different types of funding we receive, and to take advantage of this funding wherever possible. It is our way of showing transparency and appreciation to our community.

It is more than that too. This is your time to be creative and imaginative and to take the helm. If there is something you want to do to celebrate Malaysian, Singaporean or Bruneian culture, this is your chance to have the support from your community. This is your chance to create something that will add value to your lives.

Your experience of Malaysian, Singaporean or Bruneian culture will help shape our community and the rest of Calgary in the days to come.

Yours truly,

Jonathan Looi

Download Funding Guide PDF