POSTED BY The Editor | Jan, 29, 2022 |

REFLECTIVE URBANISMS is an interactive web project that maps Calgary Chinatown through its architectural changes. Here, transformations that have occurred in its buildings, since Chinatown was established in its current location in 1910, are visualized and investigated alongside community stories about the histories and activities that took place in, outside, and around these buildings. REFLECTIVE URBANISMS is a project by artist and architect Cheryl Wing-Zi Wong, as part of the Calgary Chinatown Artist Residency with The City of Calgary and The New Gallery.

Discover more about the individual buildings in Calgary Chinatown using the interactive map feature, or select a building from the building index page.

Learn more about each building through visual projections of the architectural transformations, read transcriptions of building memories from community members and look at photographs of building details from today and the past.