POSTED BY The Editor | Nov, 03, 2021 |

Life can be full of challenges… moving away from our parents to living out on our own, marriages and divorces, accidents, children, pets, jobs, change of jobs and losing jobs. Then, there is the losing of loved ones – one of the toughest personal situations to face. And now, our world is facing a crisis of epic proportions with the Covid19 pandemic. The fear and uncertainty have disrupted financial markets and dominated the news cycles.

For many, there is the adjustment of having to work from home and to stay organized. But that is not an easy task if you are supposed to be home-schooling and minding your children at the same time. However, it is important to create an ideal home office space or dedicated workspace that reflects your current lifestyles and priorities.

May the following quick tips help you organize your home office or dedicated workspace.

  • Divide workspace from personal space
  • Keep it simple
  • Sit at a work-only desk
  • Make a plan
  • Set boundaries
  • Get started early
  • Take clear breaks
  • Save calls for the afternoon
  • Pick a definitive finishing time
  • Use headphones to minimize distractions

Self-care, adequate sleep, and good mental health during these challenging times are essential to your total well-being and productivity. Limit the amount of time you spend listening to the news and social media as they might be adding to your stress. Take strategic breaks and maintain some physical activities.

Lastly, one of the big inhibitors of productivity is a cluttered or disorganized workspace which can negatively impact your quality of life, affect your mood, resilience, and ability to work. However, there are tons of tutorials on YouTube that could assist you in breaking the endless cycle.

Compliments of

Agnes Goh Hobmaier

President of MSBCA