Job Description & Responsibilities

  • Shall call out all Board members for monthly General Committee Meetings (GCM) of the Board, along with
    • scheduling meeting
    • recording attendance
    • organizing agenda
    • writing minutes
    • submitting minutes for approval at next GCM meeting
  • Shall call out all members for annual general meeting (AGM) of the Association, along with
    • same duties as GCM, except for
    • submitting minutes for approval at next AGM meeting
  • Shall have charge over all correspondence of the Association under the direction of the President and the Board, such as
    • individual correspondence to individual member, group, company, authority, etc.
    • mass correspondence via Newsletter/Website Editor to all members/subscribers
  • Shall record and file all internal policies and documents of the Board and Association
  • Shall be one of three official bank signatories for MSBCA’s accounts, along with
    • the President
    • the Treasurer
  • Shall submit reports and applications as required by public or other authorities