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Facility Coordinator

Job Description & Responsibilities

  • Keep the office locked at all times.
  • Check that there are no leaks in the ceiling.
  • Ensure that the clubhouse and bathrooms are cleaned.
  • Check that all lightings and fixtures are working properly.
  • Check that the heater is in working order by October 10th.
  • Be familiar with the Condominium Management and Contract.
  • Liaise with repairman, alarm company and cleaners, when necessary.
  • Ensure that all pilot lights on the gas stove are turned off when not in use.
  • Apply for free annual Food Permit from Alberta Health Services by August 30th.
  • Ensure that maintenance issues, requests and incidents are reported promptly.
  • Renew Annual Health Services license for the commerical kitchen by August 30th .
  • Make sure that consumable supplies such as toilet paper, paper towels, and kitchen essentials are fully stocked.