POSTED BY The Editor | Aug, 19, 2021 |

Hi Everyone,

I trust that all of you are enjoying your summer with vacation plans and outdoor activities.

Calgary had just ended the Stampede celebration followed by the Folk Festival after a year of confinement.

We are looking forward to having the clubhouse reopen for activities via Zoom and or in person. There will be a couple of changes to bring us to cope with the new normal way of organizing events and activities. All activities organized by MSBCA such as Tai Chi Level 1, Tai Chi Level 2, Singing, Dancing, Meditation, Yoga, will be either zoom or in person at the discretion of the Co-coordinators. We will be increasing a fee of $10.00 per activity, per month for some of the activities. How this works is as follows:

  • If a person does three activities per month, they will be required to pay $30.00.
  • If the activities have two parts such as Tai Chi Level 1 and Tai Chi Level 2, the person attending both these activities will be looking at paying $10.00 per activity per month, which amounts to $20.00.

Coordinators who will like to have in person activities, please co-ordinate with the members and contact the president at to obtain the keys to the premise. Please do note that the Board will not be responsible to anyone contracting the COVID virus during the cause of the activities. We are opening the club house due to the legislation being relaxed, but trust that each person will be responsible individual to take the necessary caution.

We will be increasing our membership fee as it has been long overdue. The fee structure is as follows:

  • Single Membership from $15.00 is increased to $20.00;
  • Family Membership from $25.00 is increased to $30.00; and
  • Student Membership (Polytechnique/Undergraduate) is $15.00.

We are looking for volunteers to help out at the Pure Casino Calgary on December 23 and 24, 2021. If you are able to assist, please contact Jesse Cheah at 403 880 8885 (MSBCA Casino chairperson).

We also request for members to come forward to apply for the position of board members at the next AGM in accordance with the By-Laws of MSBCA passed at the last AGM.

Thank you.