POSTED BY The Editor | May, 20, 2021 |

Hi Everyone,

Please accept our virtual greeting “Selamat Hari Raya” to all our Muslim members, friends and all in Calgary and at home. We want to let our Muslim friends know that we are thinking of them during the Ramadan month (April 12, 20201 to May 2021). We might not be able to host any events due to gathering limitations, but we have you in our thoughts. We further apologies for sending our greetings late as we had some delays at out end.

We like to thank all of you for your patience under this trying time and complying with the Covid protocols set by our Provincial Legislators and receiving your vaccination accordingly.

The Board members have been working hard with our volunteers to bring activities to your doorsteps.

With the new normal, we will like to propose having activities via webinars. We have been looking at various platforms and pricing to bring the events virtually at an affordable rate. Please note this does not mean that we will never have the in-person activities. We will but for the moment, it will be virtually and going forward we will arrange to have both depending on the demand.

Please let us know below, in our quick poll, and appreciate if all of you can participate to give us an indication on whether to proceed with virtual events. Some of the events, we are looking at is as follows (the list is not limited):

  1. Language Classes (Bahasa, Dialects, French, English etc);
  2. Cooking classes;
  3. Presentations (Government programs, Wills & Estate, Medical Information);
  4. Coding classes for kids;
  5. Virtual Travel;
  6. Arts & Craft;
  7. Etc.

We are calling out to young and seniors who like to volunteer and have ideas on activities or events they will like to host. We will certainly, assists on arranging the platform for the events for you. We will issue Volunteer Certification of completing 40 hours.

We will be organizing Trail Hikes with social distance within the directions of the Legislators. Please look out for the news in our next newsletter/email.

We have also relooked at our Membership fee. We will resume collection of the Membership Fee. This will take effect in August 2021.

Thank you.