POSTED BY The Editor | Mar, 02, 2021 |
Hi Everyone,

Trust all of you celebrating Chinese New Year had a great time with family bonding. And for those who are of non-Chinese heritage had a restful weekend. The Board like to thank Adrian Chong and her committee for taking the lead to promote the sale of homemade Chinese New Year. Once again, the sale of cookies was sold out.

We like to thank our volunteers who made the Chinese New Year Cookies. They are:

  • Jill Heng-Seaweed Cracker;
  • Helen Cheong -Chicken and Pork floss mini rolls;
  • Amber Cheong-Butter cookies;
  • Jesse and Melissa Cheah-Honeycomb; and
  • Budaya Nusantara-Pineapple Tart and Almond Cookies;
We like to thank everyone who supported the Chinese Cookies Sale. One of our members, May had commented that the cookies were delicious and the pineapple tart was delicious.

We encourage our members if anyone will like to host any traditional cuisine (takeout), or any activities, please let us know.

Our young talented members participated in the Musical Festival 2021. They are Amber Cheong, Eva Cheong and Ellie Cheong. We have posted the link here and on our website:

Please share a like before March 5, 2021, to show our support to our young members.

Thank you.