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Thank you again volunteers and members for the support in making the event a success again!

I had a wonderful time preparing for the event, peeling and cleaning “ikan billis” was time consuming but at the end of the day satisfaction was the goal. Going above and beyond had resulted the following quote from Jill:

“The nasi lemak was so aromatic!  Gerry had his rice last night for dinner, when he heated up his meal, the fragrance was so good I almost regret I don’t eat meat.

The rice was done well, small portion (he could eat more).  According to him, the sambal (did you used turmeric leaves?) was a little on the sour side but very tasty.  I forgot to ask him about the chicken… Eric said it was very good.

Well done, you are a good chef”

From Jill

Thank you
VP Singapore
Charanjeet Kaur


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