POSTED BY The Editor | Nov, 01, 2020 |

Stay Safe and Stay Home,
Enjoy Family Time and Don’t Roam
Eat Healthy Home Cooked Food
Try to Stay in a Positive Mood

Indulge in some physical activity
It is high time to build your immunity
Talk to your family in person in order
to Create a loving connection

Read a book or cook a recipe
Believe me it is great therapy
Do whatever you may like
But please stay inside.

As the evil corona is outside
Ready to give you a tough fight
It has spread around the world
Only you can stop it from spreading

Doctors and nurses are working day and night
Please understand their plight
They are risking their life for us
So that we can live long without a fuss.

May Diwali Diyas lighten your life
Light of Diyas brings brightness to life
Begging the world to stay home
So, face of coronavirus be gone

Poem by Charanjeet Kaur
VP of Singapore


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