POSTED BY The Editor | Oct, 01, 2020 |

In all the troubl-ing reports that are circulating at this time, I trust that all of you are practicing physical distanc-ing. In an effort to remain safe and maintain physical distancing, we, the Executive Board decided to conduct our 2020 AGM online. A meeting link will be sent to all members on the morning of the AGM.

On October 25th, we will be hosting our Annual General Meeting where we will give a presentation of all activities from October 20, 2019 to the present as well as filling several new positions on the Board
of Directors.

I would like to thank our outgoing Board members, Blair and Yenson for their service and contributions to our members for the past two years. I am sure each member will join me in thanking them for their ideas, time, and efforts towards MSBCA.
Due to COVID 19, it is unfortunate that we were only able to organize Christmas and Chinese New Year, the year of the metal rat, some cooking classes and presentation. COVID 19 has made us reinvent the way things are to be carried out in the future.
We are looking for board members young and old, who have fresh exciting ideas to give a facelift to MSBCA. We have re-drafted the By-Laws to accommodate present events and giving a more robust structure to our clubhouse for the benefits of
our members.

We have also drafted the Coordinators’ role to assist with the organization of the various activities. We hope to conduct activities in person with the practice of social distancing or online.

Collection of fees for all activities and events including donations are to be e-transferred to MSBCA via our website portal in compliance with the government’s regulations. We also like to thank James Lee for his continual support and assistance in the maintenance of our clubhouse as we attempt to take care of MSBCA’s business and prepare for things to come.

We look forward to all your support in bringing MSBCA to greater heights and creativity.


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