POSTED BY The Editor | Mar, 04, 2020 |

Hi Friends,

The month of March is here and we are excited to announce that we have a full Executive team. We have the following roles in place:

a)      Coordinators Role; and

b)      Organisational Chart;

The documents for the above roles have been printed and posted on the notice board of the clubhouse for all to view. We have further sent out mass emails with attachments of the above roles to our members.

We have also created a platform where our members and supporters can raise their concerns and issues on the management of the clubhouse.  Members and supporters can email to and this concerns and request will be looked at by the Executive Board as a whole. We will prioritize the issues in order of importance and thank you for your patience.

The purpose of this platform is to assist us Executive Board to serve the members and supporters in a meaningful way.

We have volunteers who have stepped up to assist in activities at the clubhouse and request our members and supporters to engage in these activities. We are looking to raise funds from these activities for a good cause. It is our way to contribute to a charitable organisation in our Province during such hard times.

We are also revisiting the sustainability of the clubhouse. A sustainability group has been set up. We are expecting a report before the next Annual General Meeting (AGM).

We have sub-committees created for our younger members to bring out their talents and showcase on behalf of MSBCA.


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