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An event like our annual Chinese New Year dinner & show on February 8, 2020 cannot go without saying a big Thank You to all – especially the Volunteers. This year, I find it special because, other than the lion dance, all the performances were orchestrated and executed by MSBCA’s talented volunteers. I do hope the volunteers enjoyed themselves as much as we, the 340 people who patronized the event, did. Your countless hours of practice for a 3-5 min performance has not gone unappreciated.

Some of this year’s event, that added colors, started off with the event being on the 15th day of Chinese New Year, which is also called Chap Goh Mei. The event was held in a large spacious banquet hall versus a restaurant. The night included a homemade CNY cookie bake sale, a locally crafted Cherry Blossom tree on display, a 5 minute introduction to Chinese Opera, a script about the meaning of CNY, listening to the tune of a Chinese instrument called the Guzheng, Musang King durian for a door prize and fusion 60’s style CNY dance. MSBCA went the extra mile this year to donate $5, for every adult ticket sold, to the Calgary Food Bank amounting to a $1200 donation. At the same time, we treasured the Must Have events like the colorful multiple lions opening act, witnessing the traditional toss of Yee Shang plus receiving the red packet Ang Pow to bring good luck, scholastic awards to MSBCA Grades 6, 9 and 12’s, a variety of both old and new upbeat CNY songs, light hearted games and dances that bring out the meaning of CNY reminding us of our heritage and culture.

It is also special to see so many people from different races, religion and origins (country) coming together to celebrate the Chinese new lunar year. It is all about community and it is important to continue making this kind of event happen annually to remind us we are together in good times and rough times and by understanding one another’s culture we break down barriers and ultimately promote happiness and peace. MSBCA wants to thank all the Sponsors, Donors and Patrons and we hope you will come back again to join us next year on February 26, 2021 at the Regency Palace restaurant to celebrate together the Year of Ox.

by Ah Hock (aka Jesse Cheah)

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