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On February 1st food moment cooking class, we had a wonderful small team of seven who had made cooking class super-duper a memorable one again. The initial menu was only Butter Chicken, Naan, Salad and Yoghurt Drink, but having a wonderful team made me want to cook more, so I added sweet desert, Gulab Jammu, Papadam, Lemon Pickles and Herbed Rice and Chai Tea, I enjoyed cooking.

Following is quote from Ms Lucie Dodd who attended for the first time my cooking class…

 “The cooking class on February 1st, which was Food Moment was a delighful one.

All seven of us were willingly participating and jumping in and helping from chopping, to stove work to dishes. Charan Jeet, showed us how to prep and make Butter Chicken, Garlic Naan, Lemon Pickles, Gulab Jammu from scratch. We also enjoyed fresh tomato salad, herbed rice, papadam, chai tea, and cumin mint yoghurt.  All of this in two hours with an amazing teacher who made everything flow with grace and patience. I am on for other cooking classes!!!

What was an integral part of the cooking was sitting down and having a great meal and wonderful conversation with a very diverse group of people from a variety of places.”

I really appreciate each and every one for helping out.

Thank you.
VP Singapore
Charanjeet Kaur


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