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Dear members and supporters of MSBCA,

On behalf of the Board, I would like to wish you a very Happy New Year, Selamat Tahun Baru, Xin Nian Kuai Le, Puthuvarusham. May this year 2020 bring us all peace wonderful delights and good health.

To finish the year 2019, with a bang, MSBCA’s Christmas Party was full of games, dance, singing and lucky draw prizes. Not forgetting, the delicious food brought by all at the Christmas Party. I like to thank our Christmas committee, Joyce Yit and Agnes for their time spent preparing this wonderful event. Most of all our volunteers who stepped up to the occasion and help make this Christmas Party another successful event of the year. The Board also like to thank the sponsors for the door gifts, Sharon Bowes founder of Going 4 value and Shim Law.

A special thank you to the Children of MSBCA, Amber Cheong and Ellie Cheong for designing our very first MSBCA bookmark. This was given out as one of the door gifts to all our guest at the Christmas Party. This is a special edition bookmark. Donations are welcome for anyone interested in having the limited edition, please contact Emily Teoh at, and while stock last.

One of our youngest member Audrey Lee, has made a tall donation for her age to MSBCA, following in the steps of our members.

In 2020, the Board will be looking to host a list of outdoor and indoor activities, events and attractions for all ages to enjoy the glory of MSBCA. We will like all of you to stay tune for the upcoming activities.

At our last AGM, there were a lot of questions as to MSBCA’s financial standing and the sustainability of the club house. This year the Board will be focusing on a few crucial issues:

a)  Budget (The future growth of MSBCA is deeply tied to the sustainability of the club house).
b)  Revision of By-Laws.
c)  Structure of MSBCA.

The previous Board has worked on setting up the online membership system. The Board is grateful to our members to make the online membership a success. The current Board is working on and having all future registration and payment handled electronically. This is to assist the planning committee of each event, activity and attractions to better serve the interest, participation and representation of MSBCA.

Our First event is ushering the Metal Rat, this Chinese New Year 2020 on Saturday February 8, 2020 at the Magnolia Banquet Hall 5075, Falconridge Boulevard, NE Alberta Canada T3J 3K9. This being a big event, we appreciate and are grateful if all interested or know someone who is interested in helping out or participating in any item to contact, Jesse, Joyce or myself as soon as possible.

We do have the scholastic award applications, and parents and eligible students please fill out and submit the application before January 31st 2020.

Once again wishing all a Prosperous New Year.



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