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Dear members and friends of MSBCA,

September saw a lot of fun activities that promoted our Malaysian, Singaporean and Bruneian heritage in Alberta! From our “East Meets West” cultural bus tour, to our performance at the Canadian Indonesian Social Club’s 36th Cultural Night, to our Alberta Cultural Days celebration at the Burc Intercultural Centre, our members put a lot of work and contributed many fun hours into building a vibrant and rich community. It is a pleasure to work with other vibrant and rich communities.

On October 20, we will be hosting our Annual General Meeting, presenting our past year of accomplishments and actions, and filling several new positions on the Board of Directors. I would like to thank our outgoing Board members and auditors (Charan, Clara and Lita) for their service and contributions to our community for the past two years. I hope the membership will join me in thanking Charan, Clara and Lita for supporting everyone and giving their time, ideas and work to MSBCA!

The “East Meets West” tour made many new advances in terms of event planning for MSBCA. So, too, did our 30th anniversary Cultural Night back in May. I anticipate that a common direction in the upcoming year for MSBCA is that many of us will be thinking outside the box. This can be
very exciting.

For those considering joining the Board of Directors, please know that you will be joining a very supportive team and you’ll be adding your thoughts into the leadership of our community, which is a very supportive community as well. In the upcoming year, I anticipate another common direction will be succession planning. This means giving new faces an opportunity to try something new and to be in charge of something new in MSBCA.

Members, as winter approaches, many of us might be drifting slowly out of shape. Luckily, we are going to start badminton evenings organized by Jesse Cheah! For more information about our general sports program, please contact Yenson Ong.


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