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East meets West is named by the team: Helen Ong, Jonathan Looi, Joyce Yit, Emily Teoh and Givalatha T.Balasingam. To celebrate Malaysian, Singaporean and Bruneian cultures with our volunteers, assistants, and leaders, we enthusiastically organized a fun memorable event! We wanted to do something sassy, fun, exciting and most of all memorable, rather than to have a picnic by the park or a simple get together. After some discussion, our team settled to have a bus tour that we have not had for a very long time.  The team wanted to make sure everyone had a great time. We were overjoyed to have AGLC as always generously supporting us all the time.

For this special event, the team decided to pick “The Great Canadian Barn Dance” where it has numerous activities such as wagon rides, canoeing, singing, sports, board games and even an interactive dance lesson. Nevertheless, the scenery there was a phenomenon.The hosts and the campers were so excited to see our public cultural dance performance and fashion show. This was a place for everyone to enjoy themselves, to feel free and relax. Through this theme: East meets West, we made it to the end. Again, thank you to the team and all the volunteers for taking MSBCA to
new places!

I was thrilled to attend the Great Canadian Barn Dance at Hills Spring, AB. Weather turned out to be sunny with a clear blue sky, a beautiful and perfect day for an outing. It was a relaxing and comfortable 2.5 hour bus ride with a group of high spirited, happy friends/members. As the bus approached our destination, I could see acre upon acre of grassy farmland, grazing cattle and a lake surrounded by dozen of cottages. It was such a picturesque scenery.

As we got off the bus, we were greeted by warm friendly staff who led us to the great hall for lunch. Lunch is a simple country style sandwich with pasta, but very tasty. After lunch, we were sat down in another great hall to watch various performances by the club members. Also, we learned country dance with lively country music. There were so many indoor and outdoor activities for all ages. Everyone seemed to have a great time and enjoyed fresh air in the countryside.

I would like to thank you the organizers and the committee members who spent their valuable time and hard work to make this outing the most memorable trip. It’s a great choice.

Karen Yong, volunteer

One of the best and fun day overall. The dancing part can be little more organized especially with the music. Not enough time to get ready when we found out the audiences were already waiting for the show. Could practice Tai Chi/Qigong if we are better prepared rather than have people waiting. Fortunately, I had forwarded the music to another member who has unlimited data on her phone so that we could finished the dance. Everyone had a good time and perfect weather.
Irene Phong, cultural dance coordinator

It was a beautiful and sunny day for the bus tour. We got to see farmland, wind turbines up close and were amazed how huge they are. After lunch, all our models got ready for the fashion show, all of them were very relaxed as they did the catwalk, proudly showing our costumes to an enthusiastic audience. Line dancing was fun! The instructor was surprise how easily everyone followed the dances and was happy to teach us more!!
After the dance, everyone got to go around looking for other activities such as canoeing, cricket, singing, walking, volleyball. It was a fun and relaxing tour. Thank you Jonathan, Helen, Emily, Giva and Joyce for organizing this event!!
Adrine Chong, costume coordinator

Kitty Feng, qigong & advanced qigong instructor

Please extend my sincere THANKS to you and the rest of the group that made the Cultural Bus Tour such a wonderful and most memorable event that I will cherish for a very long time.
Conrad Rumjahn, volunteer

It was a beautiful day on Sep 15. We were very blessed. This was a perfect weather for outdoor event.
Big thanks to the committee who organized this event. We had a lot of fun, and we enjoyed it very much.
The whole journey was full of laughter and good memories. Such as “Stretching Our Legs” and “Flexing Our Muscles?!” on the roadside during washroom break We did Line Dancing together with a “Never Give Up” team spirit Even the host could feel we are a group with great vibes.
This was a great afternoon full of fun activities like fashion show, dancing lessons, wagon rides, canoeing, and singing etc.
We had a blast that day, thanks to the great efforts of the Committee who made it happen.
Frances Ng, volunteer

Thanks again for all your hard work organizing the event and all! It was a lot of fun and super, super appreciated. It was a really nice time.
Megan Wong, volunteer

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