POSTED BY The Editor | Oct, 02, 2019 |

This year, we presented Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei at the Burc Intercultural Centre, which is one of five featured celebration sites by the Alberta Government!

We presented a Malay bajau dance, talk on history, talk on traditional arts & crafts, and a tasty selection of kuih muih. Many audiences in at Burc were very interested in MSBCA’s cooking classes and would like to join Malay kite making and rattan basket weaving.

Thank you to the presenters (Deng Xiang Ying, Rebecca Voo, Helen Ong, Adrine Chong, Jonathan Looi) and kuih volunteers (Angeline Teh, Sally Teh, Kathy Teoh, Linda Bong). Thank you to our hosts at Burc, Umida Sobirova and Emine Gurbuzer.


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