POSTED BY The Editor | Aug, 01, 2019 |

Story by Yenson Ong

It turned out to be a perfect sunny day after a downpour of rain the night before. The morning started with a demonstration on how to change a flat tire on a bicycle, which quickly turned into changing an actual flat tire. Tip of the day: always a good reminder to bring a spare tube and tools to fix a flat tire if you are biking quite a bit.

It took a bit of navigation and effort to get to our breakpoint for the day, the route was a little hilly but nothing was too challenging for the kids. The group stayed strong and powered through the hills and ended up at a secluded picnic area next to the river. After a good rest at the river, everyone made it back safely to the parking lot where we parked our vehicles and the kids continued with more fun at a playground just next to the parking lot. ‘til next time, ride safe!

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