POSTED BY The Editor | Jul, 03, 2019 |

Story by Frances Ng

This is my first time volunteering at Casino.  My role is General Manager for both days.  At first, I was a bit worried, since I never volunteered at Casino before.  Actually there is nothing to worry about, because there is an Advisor hired by MSBCA named Josephine Yee.  She was there all the time to guide and lead us.  Even though I knew nothing about Casino, I found the role of General Manager is not tough to handle at all.

The highlight of both days volunteering was catching a criminal for the Casino.  A guy grabbed some 500-dollar chips from a gaming table the day before, and got another guy to cash the chips for him the next day.  I was the General Manager watching the Cashiers at the time when the guy came in to cash the suspicious chips.  We informed the Advisor right away, and she called the Casino office immediately.  At the end, they got the police involved and apprehended the criminal.

In conclusion, it was fun to work with other members at the club at the Casino for two days. The revenue made goes towards a pool which goes to help our club!


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