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Hi Friend

Yesterday you asked:
“What did you learn?”

I do not remember when
But I do remember

Once upon a time many moons and eons ago
The universe gave me a mirror

Mind you it’s unlike any mirrors
That you and I know

Into it, I look
I look and look and look

I look to the right
I look to the left

I look to the front
I look to the back

I look within
And I look without

I see loving-kindness, charity, great compassion, selflessness, courage and I see wisdom

I see too, self-seeking selfishness, greed, resentment, ignorance, cowardice and what not

Ha! Ha!
I see these in many others

Oh! Oh!
I see these in the one looking at the mirror too

The mirror that was given to me by the universe
Once upon a time –
many moons and eons ago

Apr 09 2012


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