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Story by Kelly Kaur 

On May 19, I was excited to attend the Masala Spice Cooking Class by Charan. I arrived early and was greeted by Helen, Charan and a lovely cup of Masala Chai. When the 15 participants arrived, we all got to work chopping onions, green peppers, garlic, kneading flour and making rice. I was set to task to fry the onions and spices, then chicken, tomatoes and more spices for the karahi chicken. Others prepared the onions, tomatoes and assorted spices for the black Chole dish. A fun bunch decided to tackle the atta for the roti by rolling out the prepared dough and kneading them into complex shapes. Two hours flew by as the assorted crew, supervised by the friendly, competent and knowledgeable Charan prepared a feast fit for a king. Some made the rotis on the pan. Some mixed the onion tomato mixture with the black chole. The onion masala basmati rice hummed in a giant rice cooker. Others chopped more onions, tomatoes and cucumber for the salad. At the end, we all admired the buffet feast and filled our plates with our Indian feast that Charan had selected, shopped for and guided us through the 2 hours. There was even an interesting jaggeri drink that Charan included on the menu. I had a lovely Sunday morning meeting new people, learning how to make delicious Indian food and getting to know my favourite new chef, Charan. Thanks to the MSBCA for making this event possible. What’s next, Charan? Sign me up.

Story by Julie 

Hello my name is Julie and it was my first time at Charan’s cooking class. I love Indian food so when I heard about it I had to go. It was very informative. I learned some new recipes and met some very nice people. We all worked together to create delicious dishes and we cleaned up too. I took my sister, her boyfriend and my husband. It was a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon. I would highly recommend the class to anyone. The price was reasonable and taking food home is always a plus.

Story by Mia Trillanes 

My friend and I had the best time in Charan’s Indian food cooking classes. We love Indian food, and it was very interesting to learn what goes on behind its spicy goodness. The classes are hands on, everybody takes turn mixing and kneading dough for paratha, along with other yummy recipes. The class then sits together to have the freshly cooked meal with sweet tea. Good food, great company. Charan is an
excellent teacher!

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