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Story: Stanley Vong, Jade Gandasubrata
Photos by: Sylvia Leong

Thirty years for MSBCA is something to celebrate about.  It is a huge milestone for the club.  On May 4, 2019, MSBCA deservingly celebrated it’s 30th year anniversary by holding a Cultural Night with huge passion.  It was nothing short of a spectacular event.   Thank you to all who came out.  Among the attendees were honoured guests in the community including the Alberta Thai Canadian Association, Calgary Chinese Community Service Association, Canadian Indonesian Social Club, Tsung Tsin Benevolent Association, and Calgary Vietnamese Women’s Association.

Cultural Night is MSBCA’s largest annual celebration, and this year was very special.  Not only is it the 30th year anniversary milestone, a cause for praising, but as well, May is Canada’s Asian Heritage Month.  Our celebration helped boost MSBCA’s profile in the city by promoting the South East
Asian cultures.

Our theme was “One Rhythm, One Nation.”  The name was taken from the One Rhythm, One Nation performance 10 years ago.  The theme was celebrated with the Southeast Asian rich cultures of Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei and by performing the Malay, Chinese and Indian dances.

Planning for this event started back in November 2018, with many meetings conceptualizing what the event should be like.  In order to plan the event properly, the vision was to create something that made MSBCA proud and would treat our members for sticking with MSBCA all these years.

We held the Cultural Night at the Chinese Cultural Centre to provide a central location for guests.  As food is a key part of our cultures, MSBCA had 5 main courses to choose from.  Attendees were treated with dishes from Malaysia, Singapore, and Brunei.  These were Nasi Kuning with Tempeh, Gado Gado, and Krupuk, Nasi Kuning with Beef Rendang, Seafood Laksa, Hainan Chicken Rice, and Nasi Lemak with Rempah Chicken.  These were scrumptious meals, and it showed because at the end of the night, all the food was sold out!

Other novel ideas for Cultural Night included:

  • Indomie – they sponsored us by having a stall to sell Indomie
  • Coconut drink with coconut meat
  • Durian cake for the volunteers
  • Powerpoint projectors on walls projecting images from the three countries
  • Commemorative glasses for all
    the guests.

Before the event began, we had access to the stage and other parts of the venue.  It was a no-holds barred action zone preparing the dining hall and running a rehearsal of the program in the auditorium.  By 6:00 pm, entry was given to the attendees and people poured into Chinese Cultural Centre to get their places and food.  Many comments were given to the volunteers of how wonderful the venue looked as well as the flavour of the food!

As soon as it was 7:30pm, we started our wonderful program hosted by our MC, Lina Asensio.  The cultural part of the program was as follows:

  • O’ Canada anthem – Wendy Tam
  • MSBCA – Iban Wedding Couple accompanied by an Iban dance
  • Connie Chan – Sayang Kinabalu
  • Adrine’s Group Bajau Dance – Kuda Pasu
  • MSBCA –큽랏헙 (nu Er Qing) –
  • MSBCA With BuNas Malay Dance – “Selayang Pandang”
  • MSBCA Chinese Dance 졸졸
    (Liang Liang)
  • MSBCA With BuNas Malay
    Dance – “Zapin”
  • Mridul’s Group Indian Dance – “Ganapathi Sthuthi”
  • MSBCA Malay Dance – “Joget
    Kereta Lembu”
  • Mridul’s Group Indian
    Dance – “Thillana”
  • MSBCA With BuNas Malay Dance “Sarong Contemporary”
  • MSBCA and friends – One Rhythm, One Nation

We would like to thank our media sponsors Club88 and CTV for helping to promote the event. Other sponsors were Simply Elegant, Budaya Nusantara, Indomie, Stardust Event Group.

A huge thank you to all the volunteers that worked on Cultural Night this year.  There were over 70 volunteers putting in effort to serving meals, dancing, busking, ticketing, singing, set-up, tear-down, stage management.  It was well worth every minute spent.  We can never thank you enough from the bottom of our hearts.

Most importantly, every single person that helped shape this Community Association and allowed it to flourish over the past 30 years deserves a pat on the back.  That includes all our friends and family, members both new and old.  It is with this this mix of new and old that the Cultural Night embraced the spirit MSBCA has promoted so far and pushes ahead into the coming years of our club’s existence.

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