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Dear members and supporters of MSBCA,

March saw many new activities and events occurring at MSBCA! I want to say thank you and congratulations to Irene Phong and Jennie Soo and their hardworking team of volunteers who put together our very first community senior event in celebration of the Spring Festival! Within MSBCA and Calgary, there are many seniors who have contributed to society’s younger generations and it is important to recognize them and to give something back. The Spring Festival lunch – free of charge to all seniors – was a wonderful example of a type of community service that MSBCA upholds.

Additionally, from the second Food Moments and the Mari Memasak cooking classes, many tasty Asian delights were taught and made in March, and as always it is nice to see so many familiar and new faces. This is how we share our cultures and increase our accessibility to others.

And at the end of the month, our monthly Sunday Culinary Art Lunch Events (SCALE or Sunday lunches for short) led by Ah Hock will be resuming for 2019. The first lunch on March 31 shall be provided by Team Jill and Rasa Sayang volunteers. Kudos to all!

In April, our singing program has different activities going on, from their participants performing at other community events to hosting a dinner and dance. Good luck, MSBCA singers!

I believe that April will be a very busy month for our volunteers, especially those involved in the Cultural Night committee and its tasks. Keep in there, this is a great event to look forward to, and the excitement and accomplishments are yours to keep.

Everyone, please remember to buy your tickets to Cultural Night 2019 – “One Rhythm, One Nation”! What is Cultural Night? Cultural Night is held once every 1-2 years and is the largest event for our association. It is held in a large community center for over 350 guests and features the cultural performances and authentic food from Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei. On such a special night, we truly go all out in celebrating the peoples and cultures of Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei who form one community of shared destiny here in Calgary. And that is the community and the rhythm of MSBCA.


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