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Dear members and supporters of MSBCA,

I want to congratulate our team and all our volunteers, supporters and participants for a job well done in the ongoing Chinese New Year events in MSBCA and in Calgary! Our annual new year banquet held on Saturday, February 9 was wonderfully put together by all helping hands and I think it was very festive and very well received by all guests. As the event coordinator, together with Agnes, I am delighted so many members could come and lo-hei with each other to start the new year.

MSBCA’s dance groups led by Adrine and Irene have been performing dances for Chinese New Year celebrations across Calgary, from the Chinatown district to Genesis Centre, for various fellow communities. And MSBCA’s arts & crafts and cooking classes have also produced various fun activities this past month. As always, it is nice to see many new and familiar faces having a good time.

As mentioned, several times so far this year, 2019 is MSBCA’s 30th anniversary. The successful completion of our Chinese New Year Celebration is followed the anticipation and buildup towards our Cultural Night on Saturday, May 4!

Some people may ask, what is Cultural Night? Why is the theme “One Rhythm One Nation”? To answer these questions simply: Cultural Night is held once every 1-2 years and is the largest event for our association. It is held in a large community hall or cultural center for over 350 guests and features the cultural performances and authentic food from Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei. On such a special night, we truly go all out in celebrating the peoples and cultures of Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei who form one community of shared destiny here in Calgary. And that is the community and the rhythm of MSBCA.

The date of May 4 is symbolic because it falls within the month of May which is Canada’s recognized Asian Heritage Month. According to public surveys, not a lot of Canadians are aware of Asian Heritage Month, so the event organizing committee led by Jade has chosen May to host One Rhythm One Nation to better highlight the activities and contributions of our truly Asian community. Additionally, Ramadan begins on Sunday, May 5 so choosing to host our event before Ramadan would
be appropriate.

In all things, MSBCA appreciates and actively seeks for volunteers. The activities we organize require talented hands and dedicated minds, and they are truly a good way to be involved in our community and to build new friendships! So, bring a friend, enjoy some SE Asian food, and make our club a place where you’d want to be. And as always, stay tuned to our website and emails for upcoming news!


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