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Event Acknowledgements
By Jonathan Looi

Adult performers: Deng Xiang Ying, Cecilia Chong, Helen Ong, Elaine Gascoine, Rebecca Voo, Ben Lim, David Mckenzie

Adult choreographer: Adrine Chong

Ang pow givers: Ben Lim & Bev Broadhurst

Children performers: Amber Cheong & Eva Cheong

DJ: Khin Chew

Event coordinators: Jonathan Looi & Agnes Hobmaier

Food advisor: Adeline Chan

Games master: Charan Kaur

Gift hampers volunteers: Adeline Chan, Clara Chiew, Agnes Hobmaier, Charan Kaur, Helen Ong

Lion dance trope: Jing Wu Martial Arts Association

Media design: Tracey White

MC: Ella Koay & Joey Koay

Other support: John Chin, Jade Tarbet, Bruce Tarbet, Sandy Chan, Rebecca Voo, Emily Teoh

Photographer: Yenson Ong

Program coordinator: Helen Ong

Reception: Blair Phillips & Wei Wei Teng

Thank you to all for your participation and support! Apologies to any individuals whose names are missed.

Scholarship Awards 2019 Recipients
Grade 6: Aiden Chan & Cara Yee
Grade 9: Caelyn Chok & Vincent Yee
Congratulations on your success!

Corporate Sponsors
ATB Investor Services & Sunridge Badminton Centre
Thank you for your generous contributions!

Gift Hamper Sponsors
Lucky Supermarket, John & Daisy Kielhorn, Lyndley & Suzanne Vallally
Thank you for your generous contributions!

Guest Bolivian Performances
from Mi Viejo San Simon: Erika Peters, Erika Valdivia, Jackeline, Jose, Karina, Rebecca
Thank you for sharing your culture!

Fellow Community Representatives
from the Alberta Thai-Canadian Association, Calgary Chinatown Lions Club, Calgary Tsung Tsin Benevolent Association, Calgary Vietnamese Women’s Association, MLA Karen McPherson of Calgary-Mackay-Nose Hill, Hainan Community Association
Thank you for joining our community’s celebration!



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