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Dear members and supporters of MSBCA,

In a few days, our Year of the Earth Dog shall complete, and we shall usher in the Year of the Earth Pig. Chinese New Year is a special celebration that we share with our families and friends. It is full of cultural symbolism, ritual, and history. Many Malaysians, Singaporeans and Bruneians of Chinese heritage can tell you of the special significance of each of the 15 days of Chinese New Year.

Day 1: Joyous beginning with lion dances, fireworks, parades and gift-giving. The birthday of all chickens.

Day 2: Married daughters visit their birth family and everyone pays respect to the God of Wealth. The birthday of all dogs.

Day 3: Paying respects to the deceased and no social activities. The birthday of all pigs.

Day 4: The birthday of all sheep.

Day 5: More fireworks and eating special dumplings. The birthday of all cows.

Day 6: The birthday of all horses.

Day 7: Renri or the birthday of all humans and the tossing of yee sang (fish salad with mixed ingredients) for wealth and prosperity.

Day 8: Eve of the Jade Emperor’s Birthday.

Day 9: The Jade Emperor’s Birthday, which is very important to Hokkien Chinese.

Day 15: Chap Goh Mei which means the Fifteenth Day, celebrated with lanterns by everyone and gift-giving of oranges by single ladies looking for a romantic partner.

At MSBCA, there are many activities this month. I encourage everyone to try something out! It could be to make arts & crafts, to learn a new recipe at a cooking class, or even to watch our dancers perform in public! Many of these activities are just a click away, thanks to the hard work of our webmaster and editor Tracey and the ideas from many members which helped launch MSBCA’s new online registration system. This system has been a long time in the making and serves to promote our club and enhance accessibility to all.

On Saturday, January 12, MSBCA held its first quarterly Board & Coordinators potluck meeting where we gathered, mingled, and heard ideas and suggestions from the leaders of our community. It was a very enjoyable and collaborative experience. The first two months of our Board of Directors have been revolutionary: to reorganize and clean the “hardware” of the club, to set up new or upgrade existing guidelines, and to strengthen our overall organization system through better practices. So far, the feedback I’ve received from the membership has been positive.  I thank all fellow Board members and Coordinators for their hard work and patience, and hope the lunar new year shall be a prosperous one for us all.


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