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Held on January 20, 2019

Testimonies from participants:

Peter Chai: The Masala Spice cooking class is a fabulous way of sharing with the community the Indian cuisine as part of
our culture.

Miriam Olivares: I was inspired. To eat with the 5 senses and to taste different dishes bring wisdom and culture and eat food that help the brain to stay in shape). Masala cooking class was a good practice for me.

Peter Liew: It has been over 15 years! Glad to see new faces and the activities like masala spice to celebrate our heritage. An enjoyable evening and a delicious meal at the end!

Agnes Hobmaier (Goh): Charan’s down to earth personality, and low key approach are great assets and much to be appreciated. Of course, it was great to make and taste a variety of yummy dishes!

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