POSTED BY The Editor | Dec, 10, 2018 |

Dear members and supporters of MSBCA,

I would like to wish you all a very festive holiday season! Christmas is around the corner and that means there will be many dinners and parties with family, friends, coworkers, and other close ones.

MSBCA’s Christmas Party will be on the evening of Friday, December 7. It is already a near full house and the organizing committee is excited to celebrate the holiday cheer with all our fellow members. I’m very much looking forward to the games, potluck, and mingling!

An exclusive Christmas Nyonya-themed dinner will be hosted by the Mari Memasak cooking group, which will be marking the 10th anniversary of their activity group. On behalf of the MSBCA community, I congratulate Mari Memasak for a decade of sharing our unique Southeast Asian cooking to so many people in Calgary.

Friends, as we move deeper into winter, remember to stay warm, travel safely, and get plenty of sleep and exercise. Winter can be stressful to the body so a good diet and lifestyle is the best defence against the cold.

As I reflect on the successes and challenges MSBCA faced in 2018, I am at a loss of words. So much went on in terms of activities and events and in trying new approaches in leadership and community engagement. Time seems to have flown by. It takes a lot of time and effort to keep our community together and to run an organization with the right policies and practices.

I am confident that with our new Board and our team of leads and volunteers, MSBCA will continue to improve the running of our organization and will also produce exciting projects in 2019 to celebrate our 30th anniversary! Recently, our secretary Agnes and many volunteers have spent many days re-organizing our clubhouse for better efficiency, convenience and safety to all users.
This month, MSBCA will unveil its brand-new website and online membership payment process. This has been a vision long in the making and we hope this will better connect everyone in our community together. I want to congratulate our editor Tracey and membership director Emily for pulling through this project.

My final, year-end message: thank you all our volunteers who have made MSBCA a better place to be!


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