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Dear members and friends of MSBCA,

I’m pleased to announce the beginning of term for our Board of Directors 2018-2020! This follows the footsteps of our outgoing Board, which was the first in MSBCA’s history to serve a two-year term between 2016-2018. On behalf of the membership, I congratulate everyone on the Board, both outgoing and incoming, for their courage, passion and desire to contribute to our community.

I also want to thank our member auditors, Lita Chan & Clara Chiew, for their service this year and for continuing to serve another year as approved by the membership.

Our AGM held on October 21 was a major transition, between a two-year term to another two-year term, that MSBCA has faced in many, many years. Perhaps for a decade. This transition was smooth and orderly. However, our AGM was not very well attended by the membership which was disappointing. When we live in a democratic society and operate by democratic processes, it is important that members of the association assemble together, be informed of the state of the association, and exercise their democratic rights. I hope that we can inspire our members to take more interest in such general meetings of the membership.

For November and December, there are two major upcoming events: Diwali on November 10 and Christmas on December 7. Hope to see a lot of you soon! Bring your family and friends!

For the moment, as president, I see several key focuses of the Board and of MSBCA in the coming weeks and months:

  • Transitioning knowledge-and skill-sharing for the new incoming Board
  • Improving our internal policies and practices
  • Continuing projects and long-term goals started in the past months
  • Planning for activities and events related to MSBCA’s 30th anniversary in 2019

Reflecting on this last point makes me pause for thought. Next year, we will celebrate MSBCA’s 30th birthday.

What an exciting year it will be!




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