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Dear members and friends of MSBCA,

September has been a whirlwind month with week-to-week of fun community projects! I first would like to thank everyone who attended our annual MSBCA Volunteer Appreciation Party on Sunday, September 16 at Bridgeland-Riverside Community Association. Thank you deeply to the 100 plus volunteers who made our year in 2017-2018 a success! From preparing spicy foods in the kitchen, to modeling our cultural costumes on public stages, to teaching others how to create pieces of art, our volunteers do so much to celebrate their Malaysian, Singaporean and Brunei heritage.

In September, we received several invitations: to participate in Alberta Cultural Days (separately at the Calgary Chinese Cultural Centre and Intercultural Dialogue Institute); to sponsor the Asian Professional Network’s upcoming leadership panel discussion; to be a community partner of the Calgary International Film Festival; and to host an info-session on Singapore Math Academy. Together, these projects filled the month of September, which in past years had been a relatively quiet month, and some will continue onwards.

As we develop a stronger Malaysian, Singaporean and Bruneian community in Calgary, I want to say that we do not do so alone and in the dark. There are so many opportunities for us to grow, connect, engage and learn from other networks. The world is bright and full. We always have opportunities to share our cultures and witness the richness of others.

It is a pleasure to see success stories in the community, not only here in Calgary, but internationally as well. Several members and I met, Edmund Yeo, director of Aqérat (We, the Dead), at the Calgary International Film Festival. We listened to stories about his career and recent awards including Best Director Award at the Tokyo International Film Festival. This was his first time in Calgary and he got to experience a real Canadian snowfall!

There are many individuals who succeed in their careers, in the community, and from Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei and I wish them the best and hope they come see MSBCA and be a part of our story too. There are also many ideas from Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei that have succeeded and that have become international standards, whether it’s in oil-and-gas engineering, railway technology, or elementary school teaching like Singapore Math. These are examples of ideas worth sharing in our community.

Celebrating Alberta Cultural Days at the Intercultural Dialogue Institute, our performance team and I had an opportunity to represent MSBCA. And, it was right after an inspirational speech given by Alberta Minster of Culture and Tourism, Ricardo Miranda. As I reflect on the past two years our Board has served in leading MSBCA, I want to say that it has been a privilege to work with so many talented individuals and to live in, and contribute to, a province which supports to the diversity of many. Thank you.


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