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On behalf of Emily, Jill, Sandy, James and myself we want to convey a big thank you to all the volunteers, especially the lead chefs, who contributed many hours days ahead of the big event on August 25. They prepared and helped bring Kopitiam 2018 together for all who attended to enjoy.

There were approximately 40 volunteers on Friday and Saturday just to prep and execute a two hour food-cultural exchange event. Like all other events, in order to have a smooth execution lots of planning is required.

Secondly, we learned from previous years by listening to feedback and improving on it.  As the CKT chef for that day, my take away lesson is to ensure consistent portions for the $3 samples. It’s still not too late to provide feedback so please do not hesitate to text or email me.

This year’s attendance was higher than 2017, which I think is partly due to social media plus repeat customers. I do feel bad for some people who came at 4:30pm and they didn’t have much choice left. So another thought is reducing it to a one and a half hour event instead.

What’s special about Kopitiam is it isn’t an event to make a profit but rather to bring people into our clubhouse or “home” and showcase a bit of our heritage and culture by sampling food that we miss and crave from SE Asia. Eating those foods brings back fond memories for some, from that region, and it is a new experience for those who haven’t been to that part of the world yet.

The other special thing is the passion all the chefs put into their final food product. It came genuinely from their hearts to prepare something for you to hopefully enjoy. Hope to see some if not all of you again on the last Saturday of Aug 2019 for the next Kopitiam event!

Yours truly,
Ah Hock (aka Jesse Cheah)


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