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Story by Jill Heng

Hmmm! Let’s see, what’s petite, dainty and filling that can be served as an appetizer or main course? Ahhhh! how about potstickers – jiaozi… they are small, yet filling and fun to make in a group. We also like the idea that they can be made ahead and kept frozen. They’ll come handy as a quick snack food to satisfy those hunger pangs. With that in mind, the Rasa Sayang group of food explorers turned up punctually at 10am on June 20th to try their hands at making potstickers from scratch. Fillings can be any kind of meat or totally vegetarian. Ken, who is allergic to shrimps, has his serving substituted with minced pork
and vegetables.

For first timers, folding the round wrappers can be tricky as one needs a little bit of getting used to pleating the edges. Besides, it is important to completely seal the edge to prevent leakage during the cooking process. Soon, as practice makes perfect, and with perfection, speed follows. There are various methods to cook potstickers. It can be simmered in hot water, or steamed or browned until the bottom is crispy.The choice is yours to eat it crispy with dipping sauce or have it eaten swimming in a bowl of soup.

Even the guys just showed up at lunch time to be served. James and Ken made themselves handy in every way. The photos shown speak volumes of them being helpful instead of just waiting for lunch to be ready.

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