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MSBCA Scholastic Award 2023 Application

Submission Deadline:  January 15, 2023

 MSBCA has a longstanding policy of scholastic awards for member children who completed milestone years in their education. We would like to award 2022 graduates during MSBCA’s Chinese New Year banquet in 2023. Eligible member children must meet the following criteria: 

  • The student must be a child of a member in good standing and the membership must have been effective during 2022 and renewed for 2023. 
  • The student or parent(s) must have volunteered in at least one MSBCA activity between 2022 to present to be eligible for the Award. 
  • The student must have at least one of the four core subjects (Mathematics, Science, Social Studies and Language Arts) in the final report card. 

Awards will be presented to students during the MSBCA Chinese New Year Banquet. 

Awards will be sent to the recipients and their names will be announced in our MSBCA newsletter. Should you have any questions, please contact info@msbca.ca