AGM 2016



To Our Valued Members,

Due to some feed-back we have received, we will continue the tradition of open nominations during the upcoming AGM, in addition to the online applicants who have applied already. To clarify, all nominees (online or in-person), need to be nominated and seconded by another member at the AGM. We look forward to having a good representation from the Association.

Additionally, the bylaws that will be reviewed will be the original 1999 bylaws on the website, with this clause added:


a. In the event of the dissolution of the Association, any assets, investments or funds from the Association shall be managed by Court appointed trustees upon all final appeals through the legal system in Canada.

b. The dissolving of the Association shall be governed by the following procedures:

  1. Notice of the proposed dissolution of the Association must be presented to the membership in accordance with the bylaws at a duly called Special General Meeting.
  2. A follow-up Special General Meeting shall be held (30) thirty days after where a majority vote will be held to confirm or rescind the decision from the previous Special General Meeting.
  3.  The liquidator used for winding up the Association’s affairs will be approved at the Special General Meeting.
  4.  All assets of the Association shall be sold and the proceeds applied to the liquidation of liabilities of the Association.
  5. The Board of Trustees, as appointed by the Court, shall distribute surplus monies left after liabilities have been satisfied, equally to at least (5) five distinct, independent and varied charitable or non-profit organizations, associations or societies operating in the City of Calgary, Alberta Canada. The following criteria of the receiving organizations, associations or societies must be met with 1 (one) of 10.b.5.1 through 10.b.5.4 and all of 10.b.5.5 through 10.b.5.8.
    1. Must promote cultural and ethnic diversity.
    2. Must promote educational enrichment for children and youth.
    3. Must promote life enrichment for seniors.
    4. Must promote enrichment for the physically and mentally challenged or impaired.
    5. Shall not be politically affiliated.
    6. Shall not be religiously affiliated.
    7. Shall not be listed by the Government of Canada as being fronts for terrorist activities inside or outside of Canada.
    8. Shall not be a front for criminal activities.
  6. All records of the Association shall be turned over to the liquidator after completion of winding up the affairs of the Association.

Thanks and see you Sunday at 1 PM.

It is that time of year again! When members can receive an update from the Board of Directors regarding how the Club has performed in the year, and also step forward for the new year.

This year’s Annual General Meeting will be held at the:
MSBCA Clubhouse on Sunday, October 30, 2016, at 1PM.

We encourage everyone to consider running for Board of Directors – here are some benefits:

  • Great learning exercise in governance;
  • Awesome membership and volunteers to work with;
  • Great resume-builder;
  • An opportunity to develop your interpersonal skills, communication, and teamwork.

Here are some things that you should also know:

    • Busiest times are generally in May and January;
    • Commitment has been a two hour meeting once a month;
    • The applications to be on the Board must be done prior to Oct. 27, 2016 AND the terms are for two years.
    • Application procedures will be submitted for review by Nominating Committee to ensure applicants are in good standing;
    • At the AGM, applicants will be given an opportunity to accept or decline the nomination (This allows applicants to decide which positions they want to run for, and they can change their minds on the day of accordingly).

The current Board has also been concerned with improving our governance. As such, we will be making several changes to the annual general meeting and election procedures, within the parameters of the bylaws:

  • Nominations for Board positions have to be submitted by a deadline before the AGM to the Nominating Committee. These are best practices followed by organizations smaller than MSBCA. The Nominating Committee will use their discretion to determine that all nominees are known members of the Club in good standing.
  • Nominees will be prompted to submit their applications online. See below for application form.
    • Terms will be for two years. Best practices stagger director openings in order to ensure proper transition.
  • Bylaw ratification – in compliance with AGLC, we will be adding a dissolution clause.
  • An Annual Report will be sent via email and be posted on this page before the meeting for members’ review.

That being said, it will be an exciting AGM, and we hope to see you all there.





Theses bylaws will be formally approved at the AGM. For questions, comments, or suggestions, please contact the President (



These are the members who have paid for 2016 that are eligible to vote. If you’re missing from this list, or to make a payment, please contact our Membership Director (